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Extra-large stoneware slabs for bathroom walls

Optimum Surfaces ceramic slabs for bathrooms are synonymous with exclusive elegance

Current design trends view bathrooms as a space for wellness and to recharge. Choosing porcelain stoneware for bathroom walls means embracing both style and technological efficiency. The versatility of Optimum Surfaces Italian ceramic slabs results in a wide variety of designs for bathrooms, to create a balanced total look.

Measuring 1840×3300mm, the extra-large slabs can be used for multiple applications, and also responds effectively to demanding daily challenges, such as dampness and wear, as the lower number of joints required translates into higher water resistance and durability. These large-size porcelain slabs also offer exquisite reproductions of sumptuous materials, such as Calacatta marble or natural stone, and are ideal for shower walls and bathroom furniture.

The perfect solution for every bathroom project

Bathroom countertops and washbasins

Porcelain stoneware bathroom counter tops are becoming an increasingly common choice, while coordinating washbasins make for an eye-catching total look. This kind of system allows users to create a counter top made from Optimum Surfaces Italian extra-large slabs, with customised patterns, colours, and finishes to coordinate with a marble-effect or concrete-effect bathroom.

Shower walls

Whether you have a conventional shower enclosure or a state-of-the-art walk-in solution, porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution for high-performance, aesthetically superlative shower walls. With the Optimum Surfaces extra-large size in particular, these ceramic slabs are especially resistant to steam and water splashes, while also matching the style, for example a stone-effect shower wall that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom.

Shower bases

The advantages of ceramic slabs apply perfectly to the design of different kinds of shower floors, including rectangular bases or other shapes. The plus points of Optimum Surfaces slabs include their stable, non-slip surface, their resistance to thermal shock and germs and bacteria, and their ability to reproduce the sensory aspects of natural materials.


Any bath set within a stylish, sophisticated bathroom demands a combination of functionality and design. These requirements are more than met by Optimum Surfaces porcelain stoneware extra-large slabs, whose colours, textures, and effects are nothing short of spectacular. At the same time, stoneware also guarantees the highest levels of hygiene and safety, such as the non-slip factor and resistance to mould, mildew, and bacteria.

Bathroom furniture

Being able to craft a total look for the entire bathroom is one of the decisive factors when choosing how to tile a bathroom and Optimum Surfaces large format slabs offer this opportunity. These allow you to create different covering ideas for a modern bathroom, such as marble-effect top for an elegant bathroom cabinet or a stone-effect option for a more minimal style.

The advantages of Optimum Surfaces porcelain slabs for the bathroom

Italian porcelain slabs
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Maximum efficiency,
no waste

Measuring 1840×3300mm, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs give users free rein to imagine and create endless designs to include porcelain stoneware in the bathroom. Versatility and exceptional performance originate from a streamlined production process that includes squaring and straightening, thereby minimising waste during cutting more than ever before.

creative potential

Thanks to their technological excellence and unique size, Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs open up unprecedented opportunities for creativity. They allow designers to realise their vision and satisfy their clients, revolutionising the way in which porcelain stoneware slabs can be used for surfacing applications to create elegant, contemporary bathrooms.

Easy to clean
and maximum hygiene

Porcelain stoneware is by nature antibacterial, easy to clean, waterproof, and resistant to mould and mildew. Using Optimum Surfaces large-size ceramic slabs on bathroom walls means fewer joints are created between the slabs, which makes daily cleaning easier and ensures surfaces exceptional levels of hygiene and safety.

One size, endless applications


Consumption optimisation during manufacturing which produces virtually waste-free durable stoneware: designing with Optimum extra-large ceramic slabs means consistently choosing a lifestyle that is conscious and respectful of our planet and its wellbeing.

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