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Porcelain stoneware tabletops

Optimum Surfaces ceramic tops: functional tables with maximum visual impact

When it comes to ceramic tabletops, Italian extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs are at the cutting edge of design due to their capacity to combine contemporary elegance and efficiency. In this field, the potential offered by extra-large slabs translates into the most inspired creative ideas, enhanced by a seamless – seemingly endless – surface.

Stunning veining identical to marble, textures conveying the solidity of concrete, and minimal patterns inspired by natural stone are all achievable with these materials. These effects are guaranteed by a revolutionary technological development which also makes the stoneware slabs, measuring 1840x3300mm, exceptionally durable, resistant, and open to the creation of endless shapes and sizes.

With Optimum Surfaces, you can craft furnishing items such as the following and more:

• marble-effect tables for kitchens and living rooms
• bespoke tables for dining rooms
• round, oval, or rectangular stoneware coffee tables
• extendable stone-effect tables for outdoor use
• conference tables

The perfect solution for any tabletop design

Dining tables

Measuring 1840×3300mm, Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs are perfectly sized for crafting stoneware tabletops for large tables whose high visual impact is heightened by the seamless finish. User can choose the jaw-dropping beauty of a marble-effect dining table or the modern elegance and practicality of an extendable dining table.

Kitchen tables

When it comes to the kitchen table, there can be no compromising on performance and resistance levels. A porcelain stoneware kitchen table crafted using extra-large large Optimum Surfaces slabs meets these requirements and more, allowing users to extend the chosen effect to the other tops and walls in the room, such as coordinating a tabletop and a ceramic topped kitchen island.

Coffee tables

Small, lightweight, and often quirky in shape, modern coffee tables play a key role in giving a space a personality and sophistication. A model featuring a ceramic top from Optimum Surfaces, such as a marble-effect coffee table, allows you to experiment with colours and patterns to add elegance to your room.

Meeting room tables

Large tables with high visual impact can effectively enhance corporate meeting rooms, elevating the prestige and significance of these settings. A stylish extendable ceramic table, for example, has a decisive influence on the atmosphere in which customers are welcomed and vital projects are discussed.

Custom tables and extendable tables

The versatility of application offered by the extra-large stoneware sizes allows users to bring any creative idea to life. Whether it is a marble-effect coffee table, an extendable dining room table or a small kitchen table, Optimum Surfaces porcelain solutions guarantee satisfaction beyond all expectations, in terms of both looks and practicality.

Outdoor tables

Using excellent quality materials – that guarantee durability over time and unwavering resistance – is a crucial requirement for ceramic tables used outdoors. Optimum Surfaces porcelain stoneware, in the extra-large slab size, is entirely unaffected by the weather and climate and also lends itself to unusual design applications, such as round outdoor tables.

The advantages of Optimum Surfaces for porcelain stoneware tabletops

Italian porcelain slabs
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Maximum efficiency,
no waste

Measuring 1840×3300mm, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs give users free rein to imagine and create endless designs for stoneware tabletops. Versatility and exceptional performance originate from a streamlined production process that includes squaring and straightening, paring down waste during cutting to a minimum.

creative potential

Thanks to their technological excellence and unique size, Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs open up unprecedented opportunities for creativity. They allow designers to realise their vision and satisfy their clients, revolutionising the way in which porcelain stoneware slabs can be used to design ceramic tabletops.

Easy to clean
and maximum hygiene

Porcelain stoneware is by nature antibacterial, easy to clean, waterproof, and resistant to mould and mildew. Optimum Surfaces ceramic tabletops feature seamless surfaces, which makes them easy to clean and ensures rigorous hygiene and safety standards. The porcelain stoneware of a dining tabletop therefore, is perfectly suitable for food use.

Edge cutting options

Straight edge
Pencil edge
Doble pencil edge
Bevelled edge
Doble bevelled edge
Half Bullnose edge
Bullnose edge
30° edge
45° edge
45° rounded edge
45° edge
45° edge

One size, endless applications


Consumption optimisation during manufacturing which produces virtually waste-free durable stoneware: designing with Optimum extra-large ceramic slabs means consistently choosing a lifestyle that is conscious and respectful of our planet and its wellbeing.

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