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Services for stonemasons and distributors

Ivory white marble effect slab with vivid gray and beige veins

Why choose Optimum Surfaces ceramic slabs?

Porcelain stoneware stands out more than any other material for its exceptional technical characteristics, which every single product offers, alongside versatility and outstanding beauty.

In addition to the qualities offered by ceramics in general, another competitive edge that Optimum Surfaces slabs bring is the size 1840×3300mm, which is absolutely unique on the market.

Optimum Surfaces stoneware slabs guarantee a versatile and durable solution which expands the creative possibilities for designers, as well as being environmentally sustainable.

Ceramic slabs

Optimum Surfaces services for stonemasons and distributors

If the cost-effective of porcelain stoneware compared to other materials is nowadays a given, the assortment of extra-large ceramic slabs allows us to meet the needs of today’s market efficiently.

Working with slabs with such a unique size as Optimum Surfaces slabs means offering an innovative product which responds to emerging trends in the interior design sector ahead of the competition. It also means investing in sustainability, an issue subject to growing awareness.

Optimum is win-win solution, in the short and long term.

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The advantages of opting for Optimum Surfaces

Backed by consolidated experience and a forward-looking vision for the industry, the Optimum Surfaces product range is the result of an exceptional synergistic combination of raw materials of the highest quality, pioneering sustainability-focused technologies, and design choices inspired by natural beauty.

The result is an exclusive surfacing material that offers extraordinary performance, unprecedented capacity to meet any design and furnishing need. Optimum Surfaces offers custom solutions for all the professionals involved in the supply chain, guaranteeing the utmost flexibility and versatility.

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Production of large ceramic slabs

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