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Extra-large ceramic slabs for business and retail settings

Porcelain stoneware for retail, offices, and hotels

Offices, shops, and business environments, as well as hospitality areas, all need materials with long-lasting looks and performance. These aspects are crucial then, when choosing the right materials for these kinds of settings. Optimum Surfaces porcelain stoneware extra-large slabs are the perfect solution for creating high visual impact, hard-wearing surfaces on walls and furnishings, that will enhance all stores and boutiques, restaurants, offices, hotels, and resorts.

Sophisticated and durable, porcelain stoneware offers finishes inspired by other materials to create different moods and styles, making it a prestigious solution you can count on for any design and architecture project. Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs become key features of dynamic designs, rich in charm, and for exclusive settings to house professional meetings or enjoy leisure time.

The solution for all kinds of spaces in business and retail

Stoneware for stores, boutiques, and restaurants

On a design level, porcelain stoneware for public spaces guarantees great creative freedom, offering a wide choice of effects and finishes – from stone, to concrete, to marble – to make any space unique. Measuring 1840×3300 mm, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs offer versatile, lightweight ceramics for surfacing worktops and furniture.

Extra-large ceramic slabs for offices

The elegance and versatility of extra-large slabs allows users to create work environments with a unique ambiance. This is due to the aesthetic impact of the surfacing materials, which – teamed with furnishings and lights – complete the look of the space concerned and also the performance they offer. Optimum Surfaces porcelain slabs can withstand abrasion and fire, they do not absorb liquids, and are quick and easy to clean and care for.

Porcelain stoneware for hospitality settings

As well as guaranteed exceptional technical results, outstanding aesthetics are also fundamental for any hotel design project. The surfacing material chosen for the walls and tops will set the overall tone of the hotel. Optimum Surfaces Italian extra-large slabs are high-end design options you can count on. Thanks to the wide range of products available in the 20 mm-thick version, they are also ideal for outdoor areas in hotels and resorts, such as terraces, patios, balconies, and pools.

The advantages of Optimum Surfaces porcelain slabs for retail and business settings

Italian porcelain slabs
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Maximum efficiency,
no waste

Measuring 1840×3300mm, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs give users free rein to imagine and create endless designs for applications in retail and business settings. Versatility and exceptional performance originate from a streamlined production process that includes squaring and straightening, paring down waste during cutting to a minimum.

Maximum resistance
with extra-thick slabs for outdoor use

Featuring technological excellence and a 20mm thickness option available for almost the entire range, Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs are unrivalled in terms of resistance and durability. This makes them the perfect solution for any kind of surface, from application to walls to tops for furniture of various kinds.

Easy to clean
and maximum hygiene

Porcelain stoneware is by nature waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to temperature changes and the effects of other external conditions. Using Optimum Surfaces extra-large ceramic slabs in retail and business spaces means choosing a material that will maintain both its original looks and performance over time. Other benefits include low maintenance and high hygiene and safety standards.

One size, endless applications


Consumption optimisation during manufacturing which produces virtually waste-free durable stoneware: designing with Optimum extra-large ceramic slabs means consistently choosing a lifestyle that is conscious and respectful of our planet and its wellbeing.

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