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Large porcelain slabs

White marble-effect slab featuring golden grey veins

Measuring 1840x3300mm, Optimum Surfaces porcelain slabs are also available in a 20mm-thick version.

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Employing strategic vision and cutting-edge production technologies, Optimum Surfaces offers the largest Italian ceramic slabs ever launched on the international market.

The superiority of Optimum Surfaces porcelain stoneware slabs stems from its ability to transform any space into a sophisticated, technologically advanced environment. These extra-large slabs are ideal for cladding walls indoors and out and for crafting tops for kitchen and bathroom furniture, worktops, tables, and other kinds of furnishings.

Dimensions (1840x3300mm)

Optimum Surfaces has applied technological innovations to create the largest porcelain stoneware surfaces available on the market today. This totally new solution meets the most varied needs in terms of design, technology, and looks.

Squaring and rectification included

By including squaring and rectification services for all its products, Optimum Surfaces Italian slabs guarantee the supply chain an unrivalled competitive advantage. This extra step is part of the production process of all Optimum Surfaces products and helps make our offerings unique.

Extra-thick stoneware slabs

Within the panorama of porcelain stoneware slabs, offering a 20mm-thick option for almost all Optimum Surfaces products is unique. The thickness of the material makes it even stronger and more durable.

Waste optimisation

Measuring 1840x3300mm, Optimum Surfaces is specifically sized to pare down waste to the minimum during cutting. This helps us offer trade customers an unrivalled competitive edge and end customers significant savings.

Spectacular results

Through the sheer size of these exceptionally large ceramic slabs, Optimum Surfaces products allow users to create sensory experiences, magnifying the high-definition effects, textures, and tones featured on the surfaces over large areas unbroken by joints.

Versatility of application

Optimum Surfaces large-size slabs, already squared and rectified during production, ensure the elimination of the de-tensioning process with considerable savings in time and resources.

Fewer joints and greater hygiene

Porcelain stoneware offers guaranteed resistance, hygiene, and ease of cleaning. Because of their size, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs keep joints to a minimum, which also helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The advantages of porcelain stoneware


Porcelain stoneware reaches levels of strength and durability like no other material. Optimum Surfaces stoneware is stain proof, does not absorb liquids, and withstands temperature changes, impacts, abrasions, UV rays, chemical products, acids, and solvents.

A sustainable

Optimum Surfaces stoneware is crafted from 100% natural raw materials, employing production processes that optimise energy consumption and cut down polluting emissions, while also reducing output waste as much as possible. Its durability over time also minimises waste, as there is less need for replacement due to wear and tear.

One material,
infinite applications

Extra-large stoneware slabs have the advantage of offering a single solution for all kinds of surfacing applications. Ideal on walls, for kitchens and bathroom units, outdoor spaces, and other kinds of furnishings, the unique size of Optimum Surfaces ceramic slabs is designed to transform environments into stylish, high-performance spaces.

Maximum hygiene

Porcelain stoneware is by nature antibacterial, non-absorbent, and resistant to mould and mildew. Optimum Surfaces large format slabs keep joints to a minimum, which helps prevent germs and bacteria building up, making the surfaces suitable for food contact.

A design faithful
to natural products

Given the extremely high technological standards achieved, Italian extra-large porcelain stoneware features a perfect reproduction of the visual and tactile aspects of the natural materials they imitate. Whether it is the veining of the marble effect, the minimalism of the stone-effect products, or the texture of the concrete-effect options, every pattern and colour is accentuated to perfection in Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs.

Easy cleaning
and low maintenance

Clay, water, and fire, combined with technologically innovative production processes, are the ingredients of these hard-wearing, easy-to-maintain surfacing materials. For ordinary cleaning, simply use a damp microfibre cloth (hot water) and a neutral detergent.


Consumption optimisation during manufacturing which produces virtually waste-free durable stoneware: designing with Optimum extra-large ceramic slabs means consistently choosing a lifestyle that is conscious and respectful of our planet and its wellbeing.


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One size, endless applications

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