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Sustainable porcelain stoneware

Machinery for the design of large stoneware slabs

Sustainable efficiency! Less processing waste and responsible energy use

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Why is Optimum Surfaces an environment-friendly choice? Because Optimum Surfaces slabs are made with high quality porcelain stoneware, they are more sustainable, long-lasting, and recyclable than natural materials such as stone and marble. Not only that, the processes we use to produce our slabs enable us to limit activities that impact on the environment, avoiding quarrying. Finally, the decision to propose one size only – the 1840×3300 mm slabs – translates into maximum versatility of use as well as very little material wasted during cutting and very little processing waste produced.

The Optimum Surfaces production cycle is a reflection of our very real commitment to environmental sustainability and rational energy use. A combination of next-generation machinery and design focusing on saving resources has enabled us to eliminate the main energy-intensive machines from or processes (such as the spray dryer); we have also fitted out the dryer and the kiln with technology to recover all the hot air produced during production. These measures have led to significant energy savings for each Optimum Surfaces slab produced.
Attention to environmental sustainability and the ecological transition process is also maintained along the Optimum Surfaces production chain and is reflected in the firing oven. This piece of equipment was designed to be “H2 Ready”, i.e. ready to run on a fuel that can be composed of 50% green hydrogen and 50% methane gas. We are working to make this possible in the near future.

Use of advanced technologies

By adopting next-generation machinery and specific technical measures for drying and firing the slabs, Optimum Surfaces has demonstrated its commitment to increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Recovery of all the hot air generated by the kiln during firing

Technology designed specifically for Optimum Surfaces has been adopted to recover the hot air produced by the kiln, bringing significant reductions in consumption levels and a knock-on effect of less fossil fuels being used in the dryer.

Saving natural gas and reducing CO2 emissions

The technologies adopted for the production of Optimum Surfaces slabs create savings of between 10% and 15%, and an annual reduction of approximately 2400 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

High efficiency CHP plant

A high-efficiency combined heat and power plant meets heating and electrical needs of the company’s facilities, while also outputting considerable amounts of hot air, which is recovered through use in the spray dryer (instead of being emitted into the atmosphere).

100% self-generated electricity

The Optimum Surfaces CHP plant can produce 100% of the electricity needed for our production activities, which reduces dependence on external electricity supplies.

Efficiency of the CHP plant and reduction of CO2 emissions

The combined heating and power plant achieves outputs of over 80%, which contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions; the plant has reduced emissions by approximately 1050 tonnes per year with respect to separate production of electricity and thermal energy.

A tangible commitment through sustainable processes and products

Ceramic slabs

One size, endless applications

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