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Services for furniture shops

Why choose Optimum Surfaces ceramic slabs?

Porcelain stoneware stands out from all the other materials because of the exceptional technical characteristics, versatility of use, and exceptional looks offered by every single product.

In addition to the qualities of a ceramic material, Optimum Surfaces extra-large slabs also feature a unique size (1840×3300 mm size), with no other product on the market nearing it, which makes it applicable in multiple settings and with multiple styles.

Optimum Surfaces stoneware slabs are a flexible, resistant, and extremely rewarding solution in terms of both design opportunities and looks; they are also just as perfect for the creation of new spaces as for use within existing ones.

Ceramic slabs

Optimum Surfaces services for furniture stores

Optimum Surfaces slabs offer a one-size slab that can be used to craft countless excusive products, fitting in with whatever design mood users aspire to, in any kind or style of setting.

As regards durability and maintenance, Optimum Surfaces products offer an advanced performance that is unattainable with other materials, while their looks are on a par with those offered by natural surfacing materials.

Solutions of this kind, which are the only ones current available within the panorama of ceramic surfacing materials, provide considerable leverage for offers to end customers.

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The advantages of opting for Optimum Surfaces

Backed by consolidated experience and a forward-looking vision for the industry, the Optimum Surfaces product range is the result of an exceptional synergistic combination of raw materials of the highest quality, pioneering sustainability-focused technologies, and design choices inspired by natural beauty.

The result is an exclusive surfacing material that offers extraordinary performance, unprecedented capacity to meet any design and furnishing need. Optimum Surfaces offers custom solutions for all the professionals involved in the supply chain, guaranteeing the utmost flexibility and versatility.

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Production of large ceramic slabs

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