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Within a scenario in which the world of architecture and interior design aspires to deliver stunning effects through seamless surfaces, extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs are essential means of achieving this end.

Year after year, oversize ceramic slabs have been chosen by architects, designers, builders and end-clients for residential and business designs. 

Their versatility, technical features, and aesthetics open up new horizons in design. And the world of extra-large stoneware has rapidly expanded from the use of extra-large slabs within a single area, with these products now being embraced to craft a total look encompassing an entire space.

Let’s explore the advantages these surfaces can offer design projects, examining the new opportunities that Optimum’s offerings have opened up on the market.

Extra-large stoneware slabs: rising trends

Thanks to innovations in technology and changes in aesthetic sensibilities, extra-large slabs have earned an established place in the world of ceramic surfaces. This solution is now deemed ideal for both its aesthetics and also maintenance and practicality.

More specifically, the strengths of extra-large stoneware slabs can be broken down as follows.

  • Dimensions and thicknesses
    We are now able to produce ever-larger slabs with variable thicknesses (up to 20 mm) and guaranteeing maximum strength, which opens up new horizons for design.
    A larger surface area also means greater expanses of material and fewer joints. This aspect enhances the sense of space and brightness in a room by creating virtually endless visual continuity. And these surfacing materials also extend to use on walls and to craft furniture, such as a table with a ceramic top or stoneware slabs for kitchen countertops.
  • Aesthetics that improve on nature
    Advancements in digital printing technology have elevated ceramic slabs into works of art. Offering faithful imitations of natural materials such as marble, wood, stone, and concrete, these slabs are also hard-wearing and easy to look after.
    Not only that, the added value brought by these effects also includes an outstanding degree of visual depth, which is the same (if not better) than the original natural materials.
  • Custom options and unique design
    The great versatility in applications results from the great variety of up-to-the-minute production techniques employed. Patterns, shades, finishes, and effects open up endless creative possibilities, allowing users to create truly unique spaces that reflect their personality.
    The bookmatch technique, in particular, offers designers the opportunity to create new and harmonious visual effects by pairing up slabs side-by-side to create a mirror image.
  • Sustainability and environmental compatibility
    If, in 2024, sustainability in production is an issue that everyone must address, this is one particular added value that is brought by porcelain stoneware, especially in the extra-large formats.
    Savings in energy and resources in production, recycling of materials, and the durability of the finished products make ceramic slabs an ideal choice for anyone wanting to create sustainable cutting-edge projects that are integrated into the surroundings.
Porcelain stoneware slabs

The unique essence of Optimum porcelain stoneware slabs: technology, design, and sustainability

Over recent years, extra-large porcelain stoneware has featured increasingly in a wide range of projects. But when it comes to making a choice, the details  – and especially the dimensions – of extra-large slabs become decisive.

And this is  where the new Optimum offering shows just how unique it is on the global market, with stoneware slabs measuring 1840 x 3300 mm.

Let’s look at its hallmark advantages:

  • Optimum products are always supplied already squared and with straightened edges: this offers an unparalleled advantage for members of the supply chain, as it means  no more processing is required  once the finished products have been purchased.
  • Almost the entire range of Optimum ceramic slabs are available in a of 20 mm- thick version. This thickness makes the material even stronger and more durable.
  • The unique 1840 x 3300 mm size of Optimum slabs opens the way to amazing new design ideas. The extra-large sizes of these products means that, with careful cutting to eradicate waste, a single solution can offer applications in a wide range of settings. Extra-large ceramic slabs can be used to adorn bathroom walls, to craft indoor and outdoor furniture,  and to top kitchen counters. One size offers endless possibilities for bespoke creations that cater to all tastes and needs.
  • The exclusive Optimum size was created by optimising (or rather revolutionising) production and is designed to minimise waste during the cutting to make a concrete commitment to sustainability. 
  • A further strength and another aspect that sets it apart from the rest is the combination of design quality and technological innovation. It is this exceptionally advanced  technology that allows Optimum porcelain stoneware to provide a recreation of the visual and tactile aspects of natural materials,  which are then further enhanced by the extra-large size of the slab. The spectacular beauty of the marble effect,  the minimalism of the stone effect, and the textural appeal of the concrete effect. Every pattern and colour is elevated to the maximum level of definition and visual depth.
  • Finally, thanks to its revolutionary production processes, Optimum stoneware reaches levels of strength and durability which are unattainable with other materials. As it is both compact and features very low porosity, this material in unaffected by  impacts, abrasion, UV rays, chemicals, liquids, and sudden temperature changes.

By nature antibacterial, non-absorbent, and resistant to the formation of mould and mildew, surfaces created using porcelain stoneware are hygienic and easy to clean. This advantage is further heightened by the joint-free finish that the 1840×3300 mm size allows.

large porcelain stoneware slabs

Extra-large Optimum stoneware slabs: one size, endless design possibilities

To ensure it is the partner customers look to first when designing unique, characterful residential and business spaces, Optimum sets market trends rather than following them, establishing a new level of excellence.

This goal is clearly reflected by both the aesthetics of its products – which take natural  material effects and the visual depth of detail to a new level  – as well as the versatility in applications.

Since an  Optimum slab measures 1840 x 3300 mm, it is perfect for creating high-impact ceramic tabletops, using for example marble-effect slabs. But it can also be cut into tops in various shapes and sizes, from stylish coffee tables to practical extending tables, shaped so as to reduce processing waste to a minimum

porcelain stoneware tables

Also on the bathroomwalls extra-large porcelain stoneware delivers a sophisticated style  paired with technological efficiency. This means users can create a balanced total look, coordinated – for example – with  stone-effect extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs. Measuring 1840 x 3300 mm, these slabs also bring added value in the daily battle against dampness and wear, as the fewer joints needed creates seamless, hard-wearing surfaces.

In the kitchen, the focal point of many residential designs, Optimum slabs really come into their own, recreating the visual splendour of natural materials in line with the customer’s style preferences and functional needs. This leads to unique solutions for kitchen tops, backsplashes, sinks, and furniture, which all offer same visual impact and the same advanced technical performance.

large ceramic slabs

Inspiring furniture crafted from extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs

The latest ideas for interior walls and furnishings cater to far from conventional tastes and style needs. Until just a few years ago, architects and designers tended to prefer different wall tiles for every room in a house.

The trend today, though, is definitely towards a total look, to create a more open-feeling space and a sense of uniformity of style.

In this aspect, extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs are matchless, as they provide continuous coverage for large surfaces while also offering great application versatility. Optimum products, in particular, excel here because of their size  (1840 x 3300 mm)  – which makes them the largest available worldwide – and their extraordinary visual impact.

marble effect porcelain stoneware

It is no surprise then, that many of the most popular trends in recent years originated in stoneware.

Those enthralled by the beauty of marble can find its veining, shades, and gloss in Optimum extra-large marble-effect ceramic slabs. Take, for example, Statuario, whose ivory (white) background shot through with spidery grey veins recalls the timeless elegance of light marble.

Stoneeffect has also become one of the most sought-after kinds of porcelain stoneware over recent years. In the extra-large sizes it is ideal in both paler (warm) shades (Portland) and in dark (cool) shades (Pietra di Fez), to create prestigious designs with high visual impact. 

Also extremely  popular – especially among those who prefer a minimal, industrial mood – are the concrete-effect extra-lage slabs.

This option lends finesse while maintaining  a sense of warmth, especially when a pale shade (Concrete White) is chosen.

lastre in gres effetto cemento

Explore the Optimum solutions on line and discover the excellence of ceramic slabs.

Originating from a combination of premium raw materials, cutting-edge technologies, and sustainability-focused production, Optimum offerings are ideal for creating totally new solutions.

Catering to a multitude of design and furnishing needs and offering custom solutions, Optimum products are available worldwide, opening up new horizons for  extra-large porcelain stoneware slabs.

Explore the complete range currently available and the services offered by our teams to create unique designs.

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